Playing age               14-27
Height                        5'4'' (162cm)
Weight                       9st. 1lb. (58kg)
Hair Colour               dark blond  
Hair Length               chin length 
Eyes                           green-grey-blue

Voice                         mezzosopran F3-C6  
Nationality                Austria
Driving License        B 
Languages               German    
                                   English (fluent)
                                   French (basics)
                                   Russian (basics)    
SKILLS: singing, piano, guitar, flute, classical dance, Hip-Hop, climbing, swimming, boxing, running (marathon distance), diving, Droznin, Alexander Technique


  • Britsh English Accent Training with Paula Jack 
  • MFA International Theatre Practice and Performance, Rose Bruford College, London, UK
  • Masterclass Screen Acting, Pinewood Studios, London, UK
  • National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Connecticut, USA 
  • National Musical Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Connecticut, USA 
  • Arthaus - Centre for Devised Theatre and Performance, Berlin, Germany
  • "Paritätische Bühnenreifeprüfung" (Stage Readiness Examination), Josefstadt Theatre, Vienna, Austria  (2018)
  • Filmacademy - Acting school for Theatre and Film, Vienna, Austria 


2022 short film 

THE WINDOWS QUESTION  |  LR: Gamma  |  D: Valentina Himmelbauer  |  Austria, Vienna 

2021 short film 

FINDING YOUR FEET  |  LR: Elise Dillon  |  D: Izzy Heath  |  Guildford, Surrey 

2021 short film

ERGOSPHERE  |  SR: Viol  |  D: Emily Stevens  |  Achy Bits Production, London 

THEATRE / MUSICALS                             

2021 Theatre 

Virtual Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

THROUGH BUSH, THROUGH BRIAR |  Titania, Lysander  |  D: Eva O'Connor, Sarah Dowling  |  The Vault at Paradise Green, Edinburgh 

2019 Theatre 

AWAKEN  |  Henriette  |  D: Elyssa Terry-DeRycke, Sofia Bagge  |  Rose Bruford Symposium, London

2018 Theatre 

SICKNESS OF THE YOUTH  |  Marie  |  D: Alexandra Timmel  |  Theatre Center Forum, Vienna

2018 Musical 

DOGFIGHT  |  Peggy, Suzette  |  D: Adrienne Ferguson, Ariana Pullano  |  Vienna English Theatre, Vienna

2017 Theatre

WHERE IS MISS FROY?  |  Helen  |  D: Marie Noel  |  Ateliertheater, Vienna 

2017 Theatre

THREE SISTERS RELOADED  |  Mascha, Natascha  |  D: Annette Holzmann |  Ankerfactory, Vienna 

2017 Reading 

COINCIDENCES  |  Speaker  |  D: Anne Frütel  |  District Festival, Vienna 

2016 Theatre 

CHARLYS AUNT  |  Ella  |  D: Christian Gebauer  | Ensemble "Bunterlei", Vienna

2015 Theatre

SUITE SURRENDER  |  Michelle  |  D: Christian Gebauer  |   Ensemble "Bunterlei", Vienna